Chathouse 3D review

Chathouse 3D review

Available for: Windows

When the real world is a little too boring, frustrating, or predictable there’s a place online you can turn to for a thrilling sexual experience from the comfort of your home. XXX PC game Chathouse 3D is built to cater to your desires and let you be yourself in the form of an online avatar that you personalize. You can connect with other users through their system and make friends or randomly hook up with strangers that give you the kind of orgasms you’ve always dreamed about. The question is, is it any good?

Chathouse 3D gameplay video

After signing up you download the free Chathouse 3D client and install the game. The whole process is quick and easy and before you know it you’ll be inside your virtual house. It’s a lovely space that’s all yours and can be customized. Your first task is to build your avatar and I was pleased to discover that you’re allowed to make as many as you like. You can be male or female, your gender in the real world is unimportant in Chathouse 3D. You’re encouraged to be whatever you want.

Creating your character begins with choose your gender and building out from there. You design almost everything, from the way you look to the kind of body you have, and once you’ve got something you like you can move on to the outfits phase. There’s a well-stocked store you can browse and use your currency in and it’s surprising just how effective the outfits they’ve designed are at generating arousal. If you’re at all skeptical of how hot a 3D game can be, I encourage you to check out the website and watch the trailers. The women are exceptionally well-crafted and when they’re dressed up in a kinky latex outfit it doesn’t matter than they’re not real because they look amazing.

Chathouse 3D customization options

Also included in the customization process are locations for your sexual encounters, the kinds of positions you want included, and any fetishes you might enjoy. As you play you’ll likely dig deeper into customizing your character and exploring all the options in that arena; I know I certainly did. It becomes like a game to make the sexiest possible girl or guy, because the better your avatar looks the more likely you are to attract someone to virtually fuck.

The most important element of Chathouse 3D is your ability to meet other users and hook up for virtual sex, of course. When you set up your profile you need to list your preferences so the system can match you with someone you’re likely to have sexual chemistry with. This is an underrated element of the program because if it didn’t work you’d have an endless stream of disappointing encounters with people that just aren’t right for you. Instead, they’ve worked hard to make sure it does a good job, and most of the time you meet up with people that are into the same sort of stuff you are and want to have fun.

When you first join, chances are good you won’t have a build in friends list ready to go so you’ll have to spin the wheel, so to speak, and hope the random hook ups work out. There are bound to be some duds that you don’t connect with, but the flexibility of the system lets you move on quickly if it’s not working out. Having a large user base means that there’s always someone new waiting to hook up with you.

The virtual sex is at the heart of Chathouse 3D and it’s beautiful. They’ve worked hard to design realistic, sexy characters and make them look great as they fuck. The animations are fluid and natural and you can provide the dirty chat and moans that make it feel like a genuine experience with a hot girl or guy. Amazingly, they’ve programmed Chathouse 3D to work with the VStroker, which determines how fast you fuck a girl depending on how fast you stroke your Fleshlight. You need to pay for the hardware, but it’s an amazing and immersive experience.


Chathouse 3D is a quality virtual sex experience unlike almost any other. They’ve worked incredibly hard to develop sexy characters, beautiful locations, and realistic fucking so you can get off from the comfort of your bedroom while you play with a flawless beauty on the other end. Build a friends list and come back often to get off whenever you want.