City of Sin 3D review

City of Sin 3D review

Available for: Windows

The makers of City of Sin 3D have stumbled upon a brilliant idea to help separate their realistic sex game from all the rest. The answer: Sync their game with the new wave of sex toys that interact with what’s happening on screen. Instead of simply responding to the visual stimulus you’re presented with as your avatar fucks (or gets fucked) you can actually feel what’s happening if you have one of the toys that works with the game. It makes the game, which is exceptionally well done, even more exciting, arousing and straight up pleasurable.

City of Sin 3D gameplay video

Start the game with character customization as you create a guy or girl to your exact specifications. You can choose body type, hair style, cock size, tattoos, piercings, and much more. If you don’t like what you end up with, you’re free to make changes or start over whenever you feel like it. You’re given a roomy environment that looks like a gorgeous high-end condo in the middle of a busy, well-populated city. Then you’re set free to play to enjoy the game. I was especially impressed with the night time views out your windows. It’s a small thing but it ends up making the game feel more immersive as you’re fucking on the couch and can enjoy the view a little bit before cumming.

There are currently 16 characters you can have a good time with. Next you can welcome one of them to your home to fuck and each girl offers a different visual experience. Tina Tonight is a gloriously seductive redhead with luscious lips and a flawless body. Mirrah Hardcore is a tattooed kinkster that loves a man that wants to get hard and a little rough with her. Lance Deep is a dirty doctor with a massive cock that loves fucking any available hole. Each character is carefully designed to offer the greatest pleasure and arousal. Plus, the game continues to be developed adding even more.

Gameplay screenshots

As you know, animation is just as important as character design and graphical quality in a virtual sex game. It is such a pleasure to see that they’ve clearly worked hard on that aspect of the title. The first thing I did was create a lesbian character and invite a beautiful brunette to my place for a lusty strapon fuck. We started with doggystyle as she bent over the couch and I took her from behind with my rubber cock. Then we moved to the floor and fucked on the rug while her tits bounced, she moaned lustily, and my dildo filled her cunt. It looked gorgeous.

I made a guy next going with a tattooed look just to see what it would be like to mix things up. In the post library you can select any position you want and I worked my way through most of them. The characters fluidly move to the new position and the thrusting starts almost immediately. It’s impressively done and as I pumped into a girl doggy-style. I took time to admire how well done everything was, from the thrusts of his hips to the way she pushed back on his cock to the way her breasts bounced as she leaned up against the window and looked out at the city lights while being fucked from behind.

City of Sin 3D review

To make the experience more immersive and arousing City of Sin 3D has given you total control over the view. Instead of selecting from a handful of predetermined angles, you can choose whatever you want. If you want to zoom in tight on the sex, go ahead. If you want to swing around front and look at her face as she’s getting fucked, then go for it. If you want to watch from underneath, that’s your prerogative. The freedom is impressive and it enables you to keep the scene fresh even if you get bored of seeing the characters go at it in one position.

As mentioned earlier, City of Sin 3D is designed to work with interactive sex toys and it’s a game changer. It’s pretty simple, too. So far, they have three sex toys that are made to work in concert with the game, so you’ll have to purchase one of those to get the full experience. They’re a little expensive, but it’s unquestionably worth it once you’ve experienced this kind of bliss. The toys and game work together so that when your avatar thrusts into an eager mouth, a wet pussy, or a tight asshole you’ll feel it around your cock. It’s unquestionably the most immersive form of virtual sex gaming and if you can afford the toy with the game, I absolutely recommend it. The developers are working to bring other sex toys into compatibility as well, so keep your eyes on the site for updates.

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There’s a lot to recommend about City of Sin 3D. At the top of the list is the integration of sex toys into the game, allowing you to feel like you’re really there more than ever before. It’s insanely hot to see your character fuck a tight hole on screen and actually feel the sensation around your cock. That being said, if you can’t afford or simply don’t want to buy a toy, you’ll still enjoy the game. The animations are exceptionally well done, you can design a character to your liking, and you have plenty of potential mates to choose from. The setting is beautiful, the fun is limitless, and you’re guaranteed to get hundreds of hours of pleasure out of this experience.