3D Kink review

3D Kink review

Available for: Windows

3D Kink is a realistic BDSM porn game for all those crazy about hardcore interactive BDSM experiences. As some of the 3D Kink fans say about the game, it`s a kind of “unreal reality”. And it seems to be 100% true. This unique CGI animation sex tool gives a fantastic opportunity to create and realize your wildest fetish sex fantasies you`ll never have in your real life. 3D Kink almost plunges the users in the kinkiest world of 3D perversions and sins. By means of sophisticated graphics, multiple gaming controls and astounding sex options this interactive sex simulator turns on from the first minutes and makes millions of its fans worldwide create their craziest bdsm fantasies in 3D and play them out nonstop.

“3D Kink is a kind of adult game that never bores.” – virtual sex lovers say in unison. High-quality animation and incredible number of gaming elements allow all amateurs of hardcore action to live in the world of fetish, tortures and hardcore sex creating new realistic 3D fantasies. Even experienced bdsm lovers admit that 3D Kink exceeded their most unreal expectations. Thousands of gamers from all over the world say that nothing is more exciting and mind-blowing than awesome 3D Kink series.

Even people who didn`t like the bdsm niche before say the game is fantastic and they spend hours tailoring sex characters and creating the wildest hardcore scenes. 3D Kink is the first adult game ever put on the net that has almost unlimited sex options able to realize any sexual fantasies you can just imagine. It`s hard to believe at first but without 3D Kink you`ll never know how dirty and perverted you can be when you have everything in hands to let your imagination explode. You won`t believe your eyes creating your own virtual sex episodes which couldn`t ever come to your mind. Unlike many other 3d sex games, 3D Kink never ends. You`ll never get fed up with looking for new sex experiences and creating new porn fantasies.

Let`s see why 3D Kink has become one of the most popular BDSM game for PC all over the world soon after it was released. First of all, their fantastic customization options that allow any gamer to create his own fantasy world in 3D. It doesn`t really matter if you like tortures and submission. The main idea of the game is to let your imagination blow out inventing the wildest sex stories again and again. And of course, playing 3D Kink you get a unique opportunity to enter this kinkiest world without any moral boundaries. The first step of this most exciting trip to the world of bondage and slavery is to create your own avatar. Warm up your imagination and then proceed to other characters of your fantasies. That`s something you`ll just never forget. Unlike many other 3d sex simulators where you can choose from just some categories like hair colors, breasts size and pubic hair, 3D Kink options allow you to tailor almost every curve of your cyberbabes.

For example, modeling the face you`ll customize hair color and style, eyebrow shape, lips shape and color, eyes and nose according to your requirements. You can even add the freckles if you want! For the breasts it isn`t just the size but also shape, spacing, liftup and of course size and color of the nipples. Depending on what kind of pussy you prefer you can choose the type of pubic hair and size of the lips. And that`s just the beginning. The next step is clothing where you can choose from a great number of fetish clothes and accessories from spandex, latex, nylon, leather and rubber. There`s almost everything in their 3D Kink wardrobe from fishnet stockings and spandex bodysuits to high-heeled leather boots and rubber masks. Following your fantasies it`s time to choose something from their large collection of bdsm sex toys from huge strapons, mouth gags and whips to awful sybians and wild sex machines.

The other options you`ll have to choose from are the places of your wild sex games and sex positions. Here I must say that the perfect quality of the graphics and sound as well as great gaming controls all over the game allow you to enjoy the action and admire the scenes from all possible angles and distances. Everything is very realistic there from the movements and screams to bondage and torturing as if you`re now in the dungeon playing some wild bdsm games with your slave. By the way in 3D Kink both male and female slaves are available.

3D Kink has 3 game modes. If this is your first time, choose the Quickmode just to get familiar with the controls and interface. Navigation is quite easy but anyway you`ll have a little time to get accustomed to the new game. Storymode and Freemode are mostly for experienced gamers offering more options and allowing them to earn sex coins to buy new sex packs from the sex shop.

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3D Kink isn`t just a usual sex simulator, but the place where you can make your wildest and most insane sexual fantasies true.