3DXChat review

3DXChat review

Available for: Windows

Since its spectacular release 3DXChat has become one of the most popular sex video games among millions of online gamers all over the world. In spite of tough competition in the niche of multiplayer sex games, this new product from the world-known Sex Game Devil studio has been holding its positions on the market and attracts tens of thousands of new virtual sex fans.Want to know the reasons of this remarkable success?

3DXChat gameplay trailer

First, 3DXChat is a unique combination of 3D sex traditions and up-to-date technologies providing amazing naturalistic animation. If you`re one of those crazy 3D video game lovers you definitely know there`re hundreds of perfectly-designed sex simulators and multiplayer virtual sex games. Even the Sex Game Devil`s collection consists of some hottest products that were real best-sellers in different times. But none of them can be compared with 3DXChat in terms of worldwide popularity and incredible appeal. Millions of males and females from different corners of the globe just get hooked on the game and can`t live anymore without breathtaking sex adventures and fantastic real-time realization of their craziest and most insane sexual fantasies.

The second great thing about 3DXChat that none of the 3D sex games in the net can offer is their highly naturalistic animation. The game gives the unique opportunity to immerse into virtual environment and act out any sex fantasy generated by your imagination. Playing the game you can turn into anyone and do anything you want and where you want. “There`re no any moral boundaries here and the game is limited by your imagination only,” 3DXChat fans say. And that`s 100% true! If there`re some sexual fantasies or obsessions you can`t realize in your everyday life, welcome to 3DXChat, date and have virtual sex with real people around the world. I think it`s a brilliant idea to combine realism of 3D technologies and anonymity of the Web. The fact you date and have sex with real people hidden behind fictional avatars drives me mad and I understand well all those 3DXChat amateurs who spend days and nights playing again and again to go through the wildest and most fabulous sex adventures.

Now let`s see how it all works inside the game. As you join 3DXChat you`ll need some time to create your own avatar using multiple customization options. First, your appearance. From body shape, ass and breast size to haircut and eye color – you have full control over your character. Then your clothes. 3DXChat`s collection consists of thousands of items from casual jeans and sexy lingerie to provocative bikinis and fetish leather and latex outfits. Depending on the time of the day, place or just your mood you can choose what you want acting out your role. Now your apartment. Here you can test your designer and interior skills using different materials and furniture. As you understand the real purpose of your hard work at this stage is to create your own unique environment. Playing 3DXChat it will help you to date other people, invite them and eventually have sex. Your apartment isn`t the only location where you can meet people.


There`s a great collection of places to visit inside the game like luxurious boats, splendid beaches, expensive night clubs, bars, hotels and hundreds of other locations for your sex adventures. New locations are added regularly bringing you more insane ideas. In fact updates come on a regular basis offering not only new locations but also new sex positions, clothes and outfits, controls and other options making the game even more exciting.

Now just some words about the quality. Almost all modern games are of high quality offering realistic 3D graphics and nice sound effects to make it all as natural and real as possible. 3DXChat exceeded all expectations in terms of quality offering motion capture animation. It means you`ll enjoy your sex fantasies from all possible sides with most fabulous close-ups, even more realistic than porn movies.

3DXChat screenshots

Another great thing about 3DXChat I hardly forgot to mention in my review is their bundle offer consisting of 6 other 3D sex games. For the same price you`ll have Juliet Sex Session, Nemo`s Whores, Venus Hostage, Night Party, Sex Warrior 3D and Anal Masters. All these games from Sex Game Devil are among the best in their niches and I believe all 3D virtual sex lovers would be happy to get them in their home collection. Here I must say 3DXChat monthly membership costs $19,95 but you can save joining the game for 6 or 12 months for $59,95 and $91,95 respectively. I think the price is more than just reasonable for the best multiplayer virtual sex game and a good game pack in addition.

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In conclusion of my review I just want to say I was waiting for something like 3DXChat and was really happy to become one of the first users of this spectacular game. Playing 3DXChat I can see how the game is growing in size and popularity. To tell you the truth I think we won`t see anything of the kind in the net within the next few years.