Game of Lust 2 review

Game of Lust 2 review

Available for: Windows

It’s no mistake that this naughty experience is called Game of Lust 2 as they’re clearly trying to capitalize on the most popular show on television and the realm that it’s set in. You’re transported to a medieval-style fantasy world and within it you get to have sex with fair maidens, wield the cocks of demons and monsters and craft the ultimate sexual fantasy.

Game of Lust 2 gameplay

Game of Lust 2 aspires to be more than a simple sex game which is why they’ve folded a roleplaying element into it. The more you fuck the better your stats get. You will become better be at various positions, actions, and more. It’s pretty simple and not the kind of thing you’d want to play if you were actually into role playing games, but you’re into this for the naughty sex, right?

A sex game has to get the graphics right these days or it doesn’t stand a chance at competing in the wider market. Thankfully great adult game Game of Lust 2 clearly takes time to ensure that their game looks great. The girls are finely crafted and it’s easy to feel genuine lust when you stare into their eyes or admire their lithe, remarkably hot bodies. If you’re into really curvy chicks or fatties you’re going to be disappointed since the ladies mostly have the same long lean body type.

Second in line after the graphics is the quality of the animations. If the blowjob you’re getting from a lovely maiden doesn’t look good then it’s not going to work for you. You need to see the cock disappear into her mouth, not clip through her cheek. The makers of Game of Lust 2 have done an excellent job crafting convincing animation that looks fluid, real and arousing. Every thrust into a pussy is met with a push back from the girl. The blowjobs are incredible. The cumshots are thick and look good as they land on a pretty face or a perky pair of tits. It’s clear that plenty of time was spent honing the animations and it has paid off.

You’re in control of the sex and there are lots of choices to make. First, you need to pick where you want to adventure. The developers have put together a wide range of options for you, ranging from the king’s bedroom in a glorious castle to a verdant forest and many others. I had a good time trying them all and not once was I disappointed as they’ve made a significant effort to craft beautiful locations that help enhance the pleasure of your sexual adventure.

Game of Lust 2

I loved the wide range of options once I was within the scene. I quite enjoyed putting together a lesbian threesome that I (the demon with the big cock) got to watch and stroke to. There was face-sitting, fingering, ass eating, pussy licking, and plenty of moaning. Then I changed things up to have one of the girls sit on my cock while the other two continued to hook up. It was pure, perfect lust and that sort of fantasy fulfillment is the point of a game like this. It was relentlessly thrilling and just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what’s possible.

At any point during a scene you can change things up. The control panel gives you options for positions, people in the scene, camera angle, and so much more. You can choose when you want to shoot your load and where you want to shoot it. You can choose which hole to invade, though I recommend anal above the rest because it looks so damn good. There are even crazy positions that you can’t really pull off in real life that you can do here. They call this game the ultimate virtual sex adventure and they’ve come pretty close to achieving that.

I’d be remiss if I forgot to mention the sound design, which is hugely important to the enjoyment of this game. When you can hear the pretty redheaded girl you’re fucking moan lustily, it makes everything more arousing. When she plays with her tits and moans louder it’s so hot. When you can hear the wetness of her pussy as a big dick thrusts inside her you’ll be right there with the girl. I found that listening with headphones made for a much more arousing experience.

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They’ve put a great deal of work into Game of Lust 2 and it pays off. The monthly membership is reasonably priced and if you sign up for a year at a time you get an incredible discount. I can’t imagine you’ll be disappointed with what you’ll find as they’ve put together a truly arousing fantasy porn experience where you get to control the action.