Gay Harem review

Gay Harem review

Available for: Windows, MacOS

The first thing you see when you open Gay Harem is a juicy threesome scene. Three boys are having a rowdy time in an empty classroom and the main character gets to watch it all from the outside. This game starts out with a bang and it doesn’t lose its momentum throughout.

The Story

In Gay Harem, you play an awkward, somewhat lost young man who is transported to the world of Haremverse. This is a fantasy universe where everyone can have sex with whoever they like – any time, any place – and the main goal is to have the best harem filled with the hottest guys available.

You meet your potential harem boys in the storyline which guides you through the most unbelievable quests. From saving a local prince to helping a pirate find his treasure, there isn’t a single dull moment. Each new quest is filled to the brim with porn, and I haven’t even gotten through the first location before I had already seen orgies, public sex, blowjobs and handjobs and so many other things that made me hot all over. I honestly can’t play Gay Harem without having one hand down my pants at all times.

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To play through the storyline, you need energy which is expended when you engage in sex with hot guys. You also need money which you earn by leveling up the boys in your harem and collecting more of them. The boys you’ll meet include the sexy Bunny who pulls you into Haremverse in the first place, then a cheeky Gary who is all about romance, a large, buff fighter who knows how to manhandle you, a twinky pilot who needs someone to take care of him, and so many more.

There is a premium currency that you can buy more of for actual cash, but you absolutely don’t need this to advance in the game. One of the best features of Gay Harem is that it is completely free to play.

The story is told in the visual novel style. You click through the scenes and the dialogue to get to the end. However, there is much more to Gay Harem than just this visual novel, which is why I got so addicted to it in the first place. There were days where I spent every free moment I had playing this game because I just couldn’t get enough of all the little things it had for me.

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Leveling Up

You need to level up your harem boys – at least the ones you’re using in battle – by giving them more experience. Additionally, you can purchase gifts for them to increase their affection for you. Once their affection bar is filled, you can increase their star rating.

With each new star, your harem boy loses some of his clothes until he’s completely naked and yours for the taking. I had so much fun improving their star rating to find out just which articles of clothing the guy would take off.


The Market is where you buy presents for your boys, trinkets and gear for yourself, as well as temporary boosts. For the battles you’ll be fighting against storyline enemies and other real-life players, you need to have the best stats possible as the game will explain. The items you buy at the Market will give you a big advantage.


This is where you engage other players in battle. The battles are automatic, unfortunately, so even though it is about your main character having sex with your harem, no sex scenes are shown here. It’s all a matter of having better stats and better gear than the other player.


Pachinko is a game of luck that you get to play for free every once in a while. It can give you some legendary items or limited edition harem boys. To play these pachinko games as many times as you want, you’ll need to spend premium currency.

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The Art

A lot of hentai porn can be a bit wonky when it comes to its artwork. Gay Harem goes above and beyond in this sense, because every scene you come across is brilliantly illustrated. It really leaves nothing to the imagination. As with any hentai game, the design may be a bit exaggerated and over the top, but it won’t stop you from having the time of your life.


No game is perfect, and that includes Gay Harem as well. The main feature that bothered me about this one is the music. It got on my nerves pretty quickly, but thankfully there is a mute button that allowed me to continue playing without any problems.

Furthermore, while you have plenty of porn in the main story, there is little of it outside of that. I already mentioned how the PvP battles are automatic, and even though you get a vague description of what is supposedly happening in the battle, there are no scenes showing it. This isn’t a big flaw since you get more than enough explicit content in the game overall, but it is a detail I wish they’d work on in the future.

Gay Harem review


TL;DR for those interested in the gist – play it. Play Gay Harem. You will lose nothing since the game is free, but you will gain so much delicious hentai porn that you won’t know what to do with. The boys you meet and interact with are hotter than hot and the story is engaging. It keeps you coming back for more, and I’m honestly embarrassed to share how many hours I’ve spent on this game.

I loved the visual novel and I loved all the other features Gay Harem has. Leveling up your harem boys is a treat in and of itself, and it’s always satisfying when you pump up your stats just right to win against another player.

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I’m not done with this game. I’m not even halfway through this game. If you’re looking to get immersed in a fantasy porn storyline, then I can’t recommend this one enough because it is just that good.

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