Pirate Jessica review

Pirate Jessica review

Available for: Windows

You’ve probably played a computer sex game before but have you played one that takes you on a high seas pirate adventure? Probably not, which is what makes Pirate Jessica such an innovative approach to a genre that has grown increasingly competitive as 3D engines and the tools for creating compelling games within them have grown more accessible and affordable.

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Jessica is a busty pirate beauty that goes on a series of wild adventures, all of which revolve around fucking, that you’re invited on. As the player you end up controlling how the sex unfolds which of her holes get filled, how hard the guys thrust and much more. Plus, you get to watch it all which is the most thrilling part of the experience. Any 3D sex game needs a compelling art style and the developers deserve “kudos” for making Jessica a beauty, while skillfully crafting all the people that interact with her. Perhaps most importantly for committing entirely to the pirate theme and creating a remarkable collection of locations all of which fit the setting so beautifully.

During each sex scene you have a number of options available to you. First, there are four camera angles to watch the action from and with just a click of your mouse you can switch between them. You can also watch the 3D sex in POV or go in for a close up on the hole that’s being penetrated. You are given ten options for sex actions: blowjob, doggystyle, finger, masturbate, cowgirl fuck, missionary, anal, eat pussy, DP, and cum on her. You can choose from any you’d like at any time. Switch between them at will to play out the virtual sex in a way that’s certain to leave you completely satisfied.

I found the attention to detail to be especially satisfying. I mentioned above that each location is well-designed and fits into the pirate theme and that can’t be overstated. When you’re in the captain’s quarter and Jessica is getting laid you can look around and see all the touches that were on a real pirate ship. When you’re on land the tavern you visit to have a gangbang looks incredible with everything from the drink to the proper lighting to the tables being perfectly tarnished. It’s all quite brilliantly done. The same goes for the sound design, which is a key element to a good 3D sex game. Sound is one of those things you don’t really notice is everything is working, but hearing the moans and the sounds of a wet pussy being fucked make a huge difference it making it all seem real and making it feel like you’re actually thrusting your cock into the beautiful pirate slut with big tits.

Pirate Jessica review

There’s an impressive array of scenes to play through in Pirate Jessica. You’ll have an orgy with a bevy of beautiful mermaids and their big tits. You’ll meet and ogre with three huge penises that wrap Jessica up and penetrate her mercilessly, filling all her holes because that’s what the monster wants. In her quarters Jessica has countless sex toys she can use to fill her pussy and asshole and when she visits the captain he’s always ready with a big cock and a hot load of cum. An Elven girl will make your acquaintance and happily have orgies and lesbian sex. There’s even a skeleton that will get it on the action.

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There’s a good reason Pirate Jessica has garnered such good reviews. It combines a strong sense of place, great imagination on the part of the developers, and high quality graphics, sound, and design choices to craft a beautiful game that makes fantasies come to life and provides a hugely satisfying experience.