Venus Hostage review

Venus Hostage review

Available for: Windows

Venus Hostage is a wonderful first person 3D adult game. It isn`t really a sex game but a nice combination of the quest and erotic adventure game. If all you`re looking for is just interactive sex experience, you`ll just waste your time with Venus Hostage. This captivating erotic quest is for all those keen on exciting adventures, puzzle solving, a bit of shooting and of course sexual encounters. But sex here isn`t of the kind that most sex games offer. For example in Juliet Sex Session, another adult game from SexGameDevil, it`s just hardcore fucking action without any storyline or other kind of action. Mostly for the gamers interested in 3D sex simulators with all kinds of sex customizations like appearances, sex positions and locations. In Nemo`s Whores you walk around a little bit but anyway the main purpose of the game is to fuck the girls selecting sex positions and locations. In Venus Hostage you solve all kinds of amazing puzzles to progress in the game, do some combat action and have occasional sex. 3D erotic quest with shooting episodes is the most correct definition for the game.

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Venus Hostage has its original storyline with amazing and unexpected turns making the gamers curious about what will happen next. This is a first person game with user-friendly interface and easy gaming controls. Everything is very simple and customized not only for experienced gamers but also for all those who just start exploring the world of 3D erotica.
The quality is good everywhere. Decent graphics, nice sound effects and just wonderful music. Venus Hostage captivates from the very beginning and you won`t stop until you solve all the puzzles inside and complete your mission. During the game you`ll have to go through some violence and combat action to progress. As a reward for your gaming skills you`ll get a good deal of erotic nudity and hot occasional sex. Here I must say SexGameDevil did a wonderful job creating their female characters. The girls inside look really exciting and can turn on anybody. They look hot and sexy and their clothing will get you even wilder. They don`t really look vulgar initially but then it`s really hard to resist temptation as they appear in all kinds of provocative outfits like thigh-high leather boots, ultra-short bikinis or low-necked shirts allowing you to enjoy delicious cleavages.

As I said above, Venus Hostage looks more like erotic quest full of unexpected and captivating twists. This kind of game is just perfect for those keen on fetish erotica and softcore nudity. Good quality of the graphics lets you admire delicious shapes of the girls inside and enjoy their beauty and sexuality. Great sounds effects make the gameplay very realistic and you`ll have a firm impression of being there and questing and having sexual encounters in real time. The music matches well the episodes and it helps a lot to make the game dynamic and vivid.

Another great thing about Venus Hostage is that you can play it anywhere and anytime. The system requirements aren`t too complicated and may match any more or less modern pc. The game is good to play at home and also a nice pastime in the office during the coffee break.

Now just some words about the kind of adventures and puzzles waiting for you around the game. Roaming about the abandoned town you`ll get a great number of surprises with some of them being rather unpleasant and even annoying. In some cases you`ll have to fight and use the weapons to sort out some bad guys on your way. Great thing if you like some violence and shooting before a good virtual interaction in 3D. Do your best in the game and a pretty well shaped babe will thank you in bed for your efforts. From the other side there`s a bad news in that Venus Hostage is a kind of sudden death game. If you fail you definitely won`t get what you want, I mean the girl will never be yours. Have to restart and try again to fulfill your mission.

In conclusion of what I said above I`d like to say Venus Hostage is a nice 3D erotic game featuring exciting quest action, tempting nudity and mind-blowing occasional sex in one place. The game is a wonderful pastime for all those nude erotica and sex adventures lovers who look for intricate puzzle solving, first person shooting and fighting and softcore sexual experiences.