BoneTown review

BoneTown review

Available for: Windows

The game that reveals your wildest animal origins and lets you realize your dirtiest sexual fantasies and display a sadistic cruelty towards people you can never do in your everyday life. There`re no moral boundaries in BoneTown and it seems to be the only place where you can do just everything you can imagine from drugs, alcohol and perverted sex to extreme violence and violation of all possible laws. The game hooks you on it and you have to do a great effort to stop playing it after hours of the most unbelievable sex adventures in a kind of sin city where you can forget about the moral. Soon after this great porn game was released, it became very popular among millions of sex game lovers all over the world. It turned out that people are crazy about this nice opportunity of doing some nasty and crazy things they can`t actually do in their life. Boozing, fighting and fucking are what quiet, respectable and law-abiding citizens miss and look for. BoneTown gives a nice chance to do all above without any risks. Just start this 3d person action game and go through the wildest and most mind-blowing sex adventures in your life.

The events of the game unfold in the streets of an imaginary virtual city called BoneTown. It may sound strange at first, but the main object of the game is to increase the size of your balls. Yes, the balls are very important in BoneTown. The bigger your balls are, the more hot and sexy chicks you can fuck, and to get your balls bigger you have to fuck. Looks like a closed loop? Believe me, just a half of an hour is enough to take control of the game and start growing your balls. Anyway, first things first.

Fighting and beating men and women in BoneTown is the way to get cash, power, weapons and even other people`s identity. You can also find or buy the items you need (to purchase any collectables you`ll need cash which you can get by beating people, of course). During the game you must always check some parameters like health and your balls size. If your health drops to zero you`ll fail the mission and lose everything you have. You may increase your violation level taking drugs or alcohol. Sometimes it can help you fulfill better your missions. When you have sex, try to match your stamina (blue lines showing your speed and power) with that of your sex partner (pink lines) to make the girl reach a climax. Never forget to control your health and stamina if you want to progress well in the game. Fucking girls will increase your balls size and blowjob will restore your health. Anal sex will do both. The problem is that you can`t have sex with any girl you want. If your balls aren`t big enough you won`t be able to seduce sexy chicks. Only fat women will allow you to drill their chubby and loose twats. Great thing for bbw amateurs but if you aren`t one of them try to grow your balls as quickly as possible by violating people.

Anal sex isn`t so easy to get in BoneTown. Your balls have to be huge to seduce a girl and pound her ass. One thing I regret in the game is you can`t select positions while having sex. It`s done by default and you can just slap the girl`s ass or push her head down by clicking the left mouse button. In fact it doesn`t seem too difficult to control your avatar. For fucking you`ll need your mouse and some shortcuts to match your stamina with that of the girl. But it can take you some time to master your fighting skills especially as you get more energy and find more and more different weapons like baseball bats, wooden legs, chairs and many other items you can find everywhere.

Now about the characters in BoneTown. The girls are all shapes all colors and if your balls are big enough you can try any of them. Another great thing about the game is people around you are all of different ethnicity, builds and wear clothes of different styles. It all makes BoneTown more natural and appealing.

Animation seems to be perfect for both fighting and fucking. You can select different views to watch better close-ups during sex and fighting scenes look really funny and exciting. The soundtrack is what everybody will enjoy in BoneTown. Nice hip-hop themes and decent sound effects make the game very realistic and you`ll have a strong feeling of roaming about real streets.

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BoneTown is a nice adult game allowing the users to realize their dirtiest and most insolent sexual fantasies. It`s a nice blend of unforgettable sex experiences and uncontrolled brutality. You`ll enjoy everything inside from the storyline of the sex adventures and fabulous characters to the wonderful graphics, animation and soundtrack.