VR Paradise

VR Paradise

Available for: Windows

You can only play with a VR helmet (Windows Mixed Reality, Oculus, Vive, Valve Index are supported).

VR Paradise is a strip club simulator. The developers have made every effort to convey the atmosphere of a real strip club: low lighting, appropriate music, a small bar and dancing half-naked girls. In this place you want to relax and watch beautiful girls who are trying for you.

VR Paradise promo trailer

You can walk around the club, have a drink at any free table, watching the dancing half-naked strippers. 

Gameplay screenshots

Once you choose a girl you like, you can interact with her:

  • Give her a drink
    The girl will thank you and sit next to you on the couch. You will watch other strippers together.
  • Get a table dance
    The dancer will do a passionate dance for you right in the club’s lounge with only her breasts exposed.
    Lasts about 3 minutes.
  • Private dance
    A long dance (about 5 minutes) in a separate private room on your lap or on a pole.
    Revealing poses during the dance and full nudity!

If you want to change something about the stripper or add a new accessory, just click “Personilize her” and you will be transported to the dressing room. The customization process is done very well. As soon as you change something in the girl – it is immediately reflected on her and she reacts very nicely to it. You can change:

  • Hairstyle, hair length and color
  • Skin and eye color
  • Breast and ass size
  • Stripper outfits
  • Add accessories and tattoos

There are initially 12 beautiful girls in VR Paradise Gentlemen’s club, but you can expand the content by purchasing DLCs. At the time of writing this review, available:

  • 2 clubs DLCs: Utopia 2089 with a futuristic interior and Tsuki Club with a modern Japanese style.
  • 3 girls DLCs: each of the DLCs includes 3 new strippers, so you can get up to 9 new dancers to your club.
  • 3 outfit DLCs: extra sexy clothes and accessories for your girls.
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