Girlvania review

Girlvania review

Available for: Windows

I’ve been a fan of interactive hentai game for almost as long as they’ve been around. Even when they offered little more than stick figures thrusting against each other they were enormously appealing because playing was a perfect way to escape from the real world for a while. Inside a 3D world there are no judgments, few boundaries, and no stresses that I need to worry about. Instead, I can focus my effort on having fun with the lovely naked girl at my disposal. It’s stunning to me that technology has come so far that playing with these beautiful virtual babes is almost as fun as the real thing. Girlvania: Summer lust is one of the best examples of the genre I’ve had the pleasure of playing and I’m certain I’ll be going back for more, especially since it’s a one-time purchase and now that it’s installed on my computer I can play it whenever I want without recurring fees.

There are four girls to play with in Girlvania: Dakota, Sherry, Tessa, and Milena. Each is impeccably designed with perky breasts, slender waists, and hot asses. If you’re into curvy women you might be a touch disappointed, but the choices they’ve made with the models are likely to appeal to the vast majority of guys. They’re all beautiful but with significant facial differences, so chances are good you’ll find one more attractive than the rest. From the start I had a thing for Sherry and she was the gal I played with the most.

Customization is a huge part of Girlvania as the designers want their players to have the freedom to create the girl of their dreams. That flexibility is one of the reasons I had such a good time with this game, in fact. I love looking at girls dressed in sexy clothes and there are hundreds of choices to craft the perfect look. I’m a fan of dresses and skirts, so I spent a surprising amount of time putting Sherry in the sexiest outfits I could find and leering at her from every angle. Options also include a plethora of lingerie sets and bikinis, plus stockings and a huge collection of footwear. You’re also welcome to skip over all of that and take your naked girl into playtime.

Interactive sex is at the core of Girlvania. Dress-up time is fun and I certainly took my time with it, but ultimately you’re preparing your girl (or girls) to enjoy naughty naked time with you. After dressing Sherry to my liking the game took me to the location selection screen where numerous options were presented. They’re fairly simple environments, but I was pleased at the variety and delighted to see that different choices really enhanced the mood. I took Sherry outdoors on a deck with an ocean view for our first scene together and it felt relaxed and sexy.

After dressing up my virtual sex doll and taking her to my desired location the game opened up to give me almost total freedom over the action. At any time I can change the lighting or go back and change the setting if I want something new. If I want to introduce another girl or make it a threesome it takes just the click of a button to double or triple my fun.

I began solo because I wanted a little time alone with Sherry. Using the disembodied hands that represent me touching her I played with the round tits sitting nice and high on her chest. The way they moved and bounced as I caressed and fondled them was incredible, but it’s the sound that really sells the interactive portion of the game. It would be fun if it was mostly silent or there was a bit of music playing in the background, but when Sherry moans erotically and arches her back when I’m touching her breasts, it’s astonishingly sexy. Put your headphones one when you’re playing because those naughty noises are going to travel right to the arousal center of your brain and drive you wild. It’s not just moans though. These girls talk, and the dirty things they say are wicked hot. Fingering and dildo sex are options with a solo girl and though the action is just moving my mouse up and down, it’s still tantalizing to fuck a girl and listen to her orgasm.


I found that controlling lesbian sex is the height of pleasure in Girlvania. The options I had increased threefold, from choosing positions to getting the girls to fuck each other a little bit harder. They use dildos and strapons and the sex is convincing and gorgeous. My favorite was to use the POV option so I could watch from the point of view of the girl wearing the dildo and penetrating her lover. The sight of thrusting hips and bouncing tits combined with the sounds of lust and dirty talk coming from both girls was positively orgasmic.

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None of this would work without flawless character designs and a fantastic animation system, and Girlvania has both. Most important is the fluidness with which the girls move. It’s as close to real as you’re going to get in a virtual sex game and it makes immersion so much easier. When a 3D girl thrusts her hips like a real girl would it’s irresistibly sexy. When the kisses, dildo sucking, fingering, and toy play all look real it’s impossible not to get hot and bothered. This is a must-buy for any fan of the genre. For foot and leg lovers, they recently released an expansion pack with a whole host of new options catering to your kink.