Juliet Sex Session review

Juliet Sex Session review

Available for: Windows

Juliet Sex Session, one of the latest games from SexGameDevil.com, is a good example of interactive sex simulator developed for all those virtual sex lovers keen on realistic xxx scenes and the opportunity to design their own sex fantasies. The most distinguishing feature of the game is that it doesn`t have any plot. I mean Juliet Sex Session is a pure CGI animation sex tool for gamers who prefer interactive sex experiences to quests and adventures. There isn`t even a storyline itself there. You just get in and realize all your most perverted sexual fantasies with Juliet, the hottest cyberbabe on the net who`s ready to fulfill all your dirtiest desires. With Juliet Sex Session you don`t spend your time on dialogues, earning sex coins or looking for something else before you have the chance to throw a good fucking action. It`s a simple but anyway very exciting game. So if you`re one of those looking forward to a good sex siesta, Juliet Sex Session is what you really need right now. By the way, Juliet Sex Session is part of the SexGameDevil`s bonus pack consisting of 20 3D sex games for just $19.99 per month. Good deal that offers a unique opportunity to get the hottest CGI sex simulators on the net for the best price ever.

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As the title of the game pretty says, Juliet, a sexy shapely blonde with the dirtiest mind ever, is the heroine of your erotic and sexual fantasies. The game starts with naked Juliet rubbing and fingering her little wet pussy in the restroom allowing you to spy on her. This hot masturbation turns you on and you can`t resist temptation to pound this lewd cutie right in the lavatory. From now there`s no storyline and you can let your imagination explode creating your own porn masterpieces. There`re some gaming options that help you turn your sex with Juliet into the most exciting action. There aren`t too many of them as Juliet Sex Session isn`t the kind of a game with multiple gaming elements and options. It`s just a good sex simulator and contains the options you`ll need to make your sex experiences unforgettable.

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The first and I think the most important option is the choice of sex. Initially they had vaginal sex, anal and blowjobs but then the game was updated with footjob and mutual masturbation. At the bottom of the screen you`ll find 13 icons depicting the positions available for your sex fantasies. Depending on what you`re looking for you can choose from 69-ing, doggy, standing, cow-girl, reverse cow-girl, blowjob on the kneels etc. You can choose different positions during the game and change them whenever you want.

There aren`t too many options for Juliet`s physics. All you have is the breast slider allowing you to change her boobs size. Depending on the position you choose, Juliet`s boobs jiggle like 2 huge watermelons or just slightly bounce. Great option but still the only one to customize her appearance. I`d like, for example, to see Juliet with other hair styles and colors or having a tan. But as I told you above, the game is mostly for all those quick job lovers who don`t like to tailor the characters very much and prefer real sex action to customization process.

Another option available in Juliet Sex Session is clothing. There aren`t too many outfits as well but anyway you can choose from panties, stockings, fishnets, bra and high-heels. You can use different clothes during the game and this change makes the episodes more lively and exciting.

The purpose of the game is quite clear – make this sexy blonde have a wild orgasm. There`s a progress bar at the top of the screen indicating how horny Juliet is at the moment and how close she is to cum. The scene ends with your mighty splash all over Juliet`s face, breasts, mouth or wherever you want.

What I especially enjoy in Juliet Sex Session is how you can control the camera during the game. It`s possible to zoom it in and out, rotate the camera to watch the action from all possible angles. The quality of the graphics and sound is just perfect allowing all sex gamers to enjoy the action and have the impression of being there with Juliet.

The customization collection is rather modest but anyway is getting updated on a regular basis. Juliet Sex Session will never have many gaming options because the main idea of the game is to fuck Juliet and not design her personality. I can suppose they will add positions to let you create more sexual fantasies but the game will never be a good place for all those crazy about creating characters.

To sum up I must say that you shouldn`t consider Juliet Sex Session as a virtual sex game with limited gaming options and no storyline to play. This is more a nice 3D sex simulator offering a good bunch of virtual sex options to enjoy the process of hardcore interaction in 3D. Juliet Sex Session isn`t for fantasizing about different sex adventures and creating sophisticated sex stories. It`s to make your cock blow up.

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