Wasteland 3D review

Wasteland 3D review

Available for: Windows

Wasteland3d is a virtual BDSM sex game for all amateurs of interactive submission and domination. The game lets you enter the darkest world of extreme BDSM fetish and realize your craziest and most secret sexual fantasies related to the wildest BDSM sex. There isn`t any better place on the net if you`re looking for wild BDSM experience and your imagination is almost exploding from tons of kinky porn fantasies. With Wasteland3d anyone can immerse into the hardest world of pain, bondage and masochism and live incredible sex adventures in 3D you can`t ever have in your real life. This is in fact a set of gaming features creating exclusive and realistic BDSM environment and offering wonderful opportunities to customize characters and play out ultimate interactive sex games. Below you`ll find a step-by-step description of the gaming features and all Wasteland3d pros and cons.

Downloading and installing Wasteland 3d is very easy and user-friendly. The site offers nice customer support to help the users get familiar with all the features and gaming options. Now when you`re inside the game you can tailor your avatar. Wasteland3d offers more than 100 elements to create your character. Depending on your nasty fantasies you can create man or woman to explore the darkest dungeons and go through the most addictive BDSM adventures in your life. Only here you can turn into a merciless dominatrix making your sex partners scream of pain and beg for mercy or become a helpless victim, get tied, gagged and fucked in the hardest and most brutal way you can just imagine. Thanks to their very advanced customization menu there`re no limits in creating avatars – from ideal men and women with ideal shapes to the kinkiest and most unusual characters.

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Now about their fetish outfits. Wasteland3d would never become so popular in virtual BDSM community without their fetish costumes making the game very realistic. The line-up includes hundreds of fetish clothes and accessories from relatively innocent sexy lingerie and fishnet stockings to PVC, latex, leather and rubber bondage gear. There`re even various sets of BDSM outfits for your nasty role plays like secretary costume, soldier or stewardess uniforms etc. The same goes for sex toys available on Wasteland3d. The game offers a great number of BDSM sex tools for your hard sexual fantasies from dildos, strap-ons and vibrators to whips, cuffs and complex fucking machines. The collection gets updated regularly giving more and more opportunities to make your stay here as wild and hard as possible.

Well now, as your avatar is ready to plunge into the craziest world of 3D bondage, domination, submission and masochism it`s time to say a couple of words about Wasteland3d environments. I mean the places where your most insane and dissolute fantasies become true. Here you can select among bedrooms, bathrooms and locker rooms and then go somewhere hotter like dark dungeons, pirate ship, plane and many more interesting locations. Here I must say the quality is really great inside. Nice graphics, music and sound effects make Wasteland3d environment very realistic and large collection of customization options allows you to enjoy this virtual sex game and create fabulous BDSM scenes. Besides your character personality, locations, fetish gear and sex tools you can control the whole fucking process from sex positions and orgasm intensity to camera angles and level of light. Another great thing about Wasteland3d is that you can share and discuss your virtual BDSM experience with other members of the community.

Wasteland3d virtual world is like our real world where you can greatly expand your gaming capabilities if you have money. I mean you can get more sex toys or clothes, more customization controls and even unlock some censorship tags using virtual money – coins. With the coins you can shop in the virtual sex boutique and make any of your BDSM fantasies even harder and more painful. They regularly update their collections so you have no limits in realizing your desires on Wasteland3d. Just decide what you need and how much you can invest in your painful ecstasies.

As I told above, Wasteland3d was designed for BDSM sex gamers and everything inside was made to satisfy any of your BDSM fantasies. I recommend this 3D sex game for all amateurs of the niche and guarantee you`ll never regret your stay on Wasteland3d.