Nemos whores review

Nemos whores review

Available for: Windows

Here`s another look at the well-known Jules Vern`s novel. Nemo`s Whores is a xxx 3D version of “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea”. The famous submarine Nautilus turns into the kinkiest place where perversion and sins go together and captain Nemo spends his time playing dirty games with his charming and nasty babes.

Nemo`s Whores comes in a SexGameDevil`s bonus pack containing a fabulous collection of 3D adult games for the greatest price ever. You definitely heard about some of the SexGameDevil`s bestsellers like Juliet Sex Session or Venus Hostage. They`re all included in the offer with some other wonderful sex games. You won`t get just sex sims but a good lineup of erotic quests, 3D adult arcades and sex adventures. Believe me you won`t regret your membership on SexGameDevil playing days and nights.

In Nemo`s Whores you`re captain Nemo, the owner of a huge submarine full of erotic mysteries and secrets. All you have to do is to walk around the submarine and fuck hot sexy cuties. There`re four locations now where you can throw your awesome underwater sex sessions – the bridge, the captain cabin, the dining room and the swimming pool. Due to perfect graphics the locations look very realistic as if you were on a real submarine. When you`re in the captain cabin, for example, you`ll see wonderful underwater views. The soundtrack and sound effects of the game also help a lot to create the appropriate atmosphere. For example you may even hear the muffled noise of the submarine engines. When you start the game you can get to the settings and adjust the screen size and volume.

As you may understand each location has its own babe to get laid. For example, a hot sexy brunette is waiting for you on the bridge and a lovely redhead can`t wait to take your fat cock in the captain cabin. A cute short-haired blonde is in the dining room ready for your dirtiest fantasies. The girls look hot and provocative in some explicit outfits like stockings, high-heels or bikinis. Each girl is ready to do what you want – you can choose from some positions and sex acts like blowjob, anal or vaginal sex, missionary, riding, cowgirl etc. During your virtual intercourse you can easily switch over by simply clicking on the appropriate icon. There`re also four sex speeds which can be adjusted at the top part of the screen. By default it`s preset to the 2d. During your fucking action there`s an orgasm level at the top of the screen. The faster you fuck the faster you`ll bring the girl to orgasm. Next to the orgasm meter you`ll see a cumshot button. By pushing it you just pull out and deliver a hefty cumload on the girl`s face, ass or tits.

The swimming pool is my favorite location offering a nice threesome with a shy-looking black-haired girl and shemale blond. It isn`t really a shemale but a kind of hermaphrodite having a pussy and a penis at the same time. Here you can realize your most insane fantasies throwing wild orgies you`ll never have in your real life. Unlike the other locations there`re only four positions in the swimming pool. Choose from double blowjob, brunette`s blowjob as she gets drilled by the blonde from behind, fucking the brunette as she sucks the blonde`s pole and DPing the brunette. The quality is still nice as you fuck your whores. Fast and sharp graphics allows you to enjoy your virtual interaction from all possible sides and have fantastic views. You`ll hear all the slurps, slaps, moans and screams as the girls go wild and lose control.

Nemo`s Whores isn`t just a good 3D sex simulator but also a nice opportunity to check your xxx skills. I mean you can try porn making controlling the cam during the intercourses. The gaming controls allow you to rotate the cam to see the action from any angle and zoom in and out with your mouse. Choose the best episodes and imagine you`re a port director making fantastic xxx series.

One of the disadvantages of the Nemo`s Whores comparing to other 3D adult games of the niche is that it isn`t very big. You have just 5 fixed characters and four locations for your virtual sex games. Customization options are rather decent. You can choose the position, the speed and cumshot time. But I`m sure many gamers would like to have the opportunity to customize the physics of the girls to make the game more exciting.

When I first played Nemo`s Whores they just had four girls and three locations. There were also just four available positions. But then they updated with the captain cabin and another red-haired hottie. Then they added some more positions. I don`t know if they have any plans to add more characters, locations and gaming elements but it would be rather natural to enlarge the game step by step.

Even with the a.m. downsides Nemo`s Whores is still a nice adult 3D sex game with unusual storyline, perfect animation and sound effects and wonderful hardcore virtual sex episodes.