Virtual Kendall review

Virtual Kendall review

Available for: Windows

Surely you’ve dreamed of having a beautiful girl at your disposal for hot sex whenever you want it. We’ve all had that fantasy. Virtual Kendall exists to make that fantasy reality, or at least as close as you can get to it via your computer. Once you sign up, she’s your girl and she’s willing to do whatever you crave. You’re given full control over the action, so whatever you’re in the mood for Kendall is more than happy to do.

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Is Kendall hot? That’s the question, and you need only pay a visit to the site to confirm that she’s definitely hot. They’ve crafted her to be a lithe beauty with wonderfully feminine proportions featuring sexy hips, a beautiful pair of big perky tits, and a pretty face. She has measurements that appeal to all men, and it will be a thrill to fuck her virtually. She also has a few friends that you can play with and they’re all equally gorgeous. I like that they included a few options in case you want to try someone new.

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You’re given a great deal of control over the action in Virtual Kendall. You get to pick from eight different sexual positions (there’s a little graphic for each so you know what you’re getting, but you should definitely try them all) and you can choose the intensity level of the sex (tease, soft, or hard). The animation, which is the most important part of a virtual sex video game like this, is incredible. It’s smooth and sexy and actually does a really good job of approximating the real thing, which is not something every toon game can say.

My favorite thing about Virtual Kendall is the audio work. Damn does this girl talk dirty. It’s astonishingly hot to hear her say that your big cock feels so good in her ass or that she wants to suck on your big cock. When paired with that exact thing happening on screen, it’s a perfect experience that you will go absolutely wild for, I promise.

I found that it was most exciting to take it slow with Kendall. I enjoyed using the tease feature to listen to that dirty talk while she rubbed her beautiful body all over me. I loved hearing her beg to get fucked and by the time my virtual cock plunged into her wet pussy it was an absolute thrill. The sounds of sex and her lusty moans filled my ears and it wasn’t long before I lost my load in the real world while watching my avatar cum all over this pretty chick.

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The action is presented in high definition and it looks genuinely gorgeous. They’ve crafted a variety of environments to play in, from lovely indoor settings in expensive houses to gorgeous outdoor areas to play in. Having so many options made it easy to mix things up if I ever got a little bored of the fun unfolding in front of me. This is a truly great virtual sex experience and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

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