3D GayVilla 2 review

3D GayVilla 2 review

Available for: Windows

Here`s 3d GayVilla 2, another great 3d adult game from ThriXXX. It`s well-known among sex gamers all over the world and the game has been recognized as one of the best interactive xxx projects ever. I think the idea to create 3d GayVilla 2 originated after an overwhelming success of 3d SexVilla 2, the best 3d sex game on the net. The purpose of 3d GayVilla 2 is to cover the gay market and give the chance to millions of man-on-man action lovers to realize their most explosive and perverted sex fantasies doing virtual sex with the hottest imaginary sex partners. It`s now the second version of the game which is available on the web and in my today`s review I`m going to cover all customizations and controls of 3d GayVilla 2.

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First of all I must say 3d GayVilla 2 is of the highest quality possible meeting the requirements to the 3d sex games of the latest generation. It looks natural considering the maker of the game – the ThriXXX studio, one of the leading producers of 3d animated interactive sex games. Using sophisticated graphics technology and having a good understanding of what gay sex lovers are waiting from 3d sex games, ThriXXX have managed to create the best interactive virtual gay sex simulator. Animation level is perfect all around and the pictures are still clear and sharp even on full zoom. One of the greatest options in 3d GayVilla 2 is you can rotate the camera any way to catch better shots and enjoy the hottest close-ups during your virtual sex dates. Professional approach to the sound effects is in real voices of the characters and very cock-teasing erotic sounds. Thanks to all that the scenes look extremely realistic making you believe you`re actually taking part in the acts that correspond to your sexual fantasies. The controls are also very easy and user-friendly. You may go to the tutorial first to get more familiar with the gaming options but to tell you the truth you`ll be able to control everything in the game just in 20 minutes after you start thanks to the user-intuitive interface. Now let`s see what 3d GayVilla 2 has inside.

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When you first start the game, it may seem a bit too simplistic and poor. You`ll find just 3 male characters, a few locations to choose from and some options which obviously won`t let your imagination blow out. Don`t worry, it`s just a mini kit to start your unforgettable trip to the world of the hottest gay sexual fantasies! Now your aim is to earn “sex coins” to unlock more customizations from the GayVilla collection. No, you don`t have to pay more to get the sex coins. All you need is to play the game. The more you play the more sex coins you earn or in other words, the more you fuck the more gaming options you unlock. Let`s start with the characters as your cyber sex partners are what will turn you on from the very beginning. There`re 6 male characters inside and the ability to customize their physical appearance according to your tastes using the “Face Maker” option.

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You can try different hairstyles and colors, eyes colors, beards and moustaches. There`s everything to design your dream boyfriend or even make him look like your favorite actor or sportsman. If you already have some sex coins, you can go to the Sex Store to select sex positions and locations and buy sex toys and outfits. Their collection of add-ons is really impressive so you can give free rein to your dirtiest and most insane erotic fantasies choosing positions for your blowjob, rimming, anal sex or handjob sessions. To make it even hotter you can purchase multiple sex toys from dildos and vibrators to beer bottles, handcuffs and whips. Designing your sex episodes don`t forget about the location. Plane, garage, classroom and many more are inside 3d GayVilla to help you realize all your hidden sex fantasies you can`t perform in real life. There`re a lot of sex options in the game but I won`t stop at all of them to let you discover this fabulous world of 3d gay fantasies playing GayVilla and creating your own 3d gay porn role plays.

3D GayVilla 2 review

Another thing I`d like to discuss is the gaming modes. In the Quick Mode the locations and characters are selected automatically but you aren`t limited in sex types or duration of your intercourses. The Free Mode lets you choose the scenes and you can earn sex coins, what is very important for your further activities. In the Story Mode you`re invited to go through different preset scenarios. Now you have to answer questions to have sex. This mode seems to be the most intriguing as you never know what is going to be next and it also allows you to earn the most sex coins. Everywhere the controls are almost the same and you can play, focus, zoom and take photos using the mouse and some shortcuts.

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3d GayVilla 2 is a nice animated interactive sex game for all virtual gay sex fans. It allows you to make your craziest erotic fantasies true and create your own 3d artworks that suit your wildest sexual desires. If you`re one of those crazy about kinky man-on-man sex there`s nothing better for you to play out the hottest xxx scenarios and also be part of the act.