3D Gay review

3D Gay review

Available for: Windows

The game does not work anymore
I recommended to see another game 3D Gay Villa

3DGay is a realistic interactive 3D sex game for all amateurs of virtual boy-on-boy sex fantasies. The site offers the greatest opportunity to realize the wildest and most perverted gay sex dreams in 3D. Realistic gameplay and controls allow all fans of spicy 3D gay sex to create your own craziest scenarios and enjoy hours of extreme pleasure and unlimited excitement. 3DGay is one of the most popular 3D gay sex simulators on the net and here we`ll see how the game works and why it`s so popular among virtual gay sex gamers all over the world.

First of all let`s see how to play 3DGay. You start with customizing your partner. Skin color, hair color and style, face and of course penis size. Customization options let you create characters according to your current wishes – sexy young twink, well-built stallion or cute ebony macho… There`re no limits for your fantasies.

Then it`s time to choose the place for your wild 3D gay sex games. The 3DGay collection contains a good number of locations like sandy beaches with hot sunshine and cool water, cozy bedrooms with luxurious furniture, romantic hotels as if created for casual sexual adventures etc. Updates come every month increasing their collection with more exotic locations to make your stay on 3DGay more exciting and unforgettable.

After you selected your sex partner and location of your sex date it`s time to start the action. In 3DGay you can make any type of sexual intercourse from sensual masturbation and passionate blowjob to hard doggy ass-pounding and wild group sex. Besides new locations the game also gets updated regularly with new positions. Sex inside 3DGay is very realistic due to nice graphics and perfect sound. You can enjoy the process in the automatic mode or control the speed with the mouse making it slower or faster. During the action you can change the positions, increase or decrease the level of excitement and enjoy the process from multiple camera angles. In 3DGay you can zoom in and admire most fabulous close-ups you`ll never see anywhere else. The quality all over the game is perfect allowing the gamers to experience the taste of real 3D gay sex. All the pictures are sharp and clear, the movements look very naturalistic and the music and sound make the scenes even more exciting and cock-teasing. Frankly speaking I don`t know any 3D gay sex lovers who gave it up. The game fascinates and you just can`t leave it exploring new locations, making new sex partners and tasting new sex positions. 3DGay is especially nice for all those crazy about making their imagination work and realizing more and more wildest sex fantasies.

Another great thing about 3DGay is you can make your own 3D videos and then share them with the other fans of the community.

How much is it? The price is more than reasonable for the content and gaming options they offer. A monthly membership on 3DGay is just $19,95. But believe me it`s not enough if you really want to enjoy the most realistic 3D gay sex game ever put on the net. A six-month stay on 3DGay is offered for a nice price of $59,95 and the annual membership is just $91,97. Nice prices comparing with other 3D sex simulators of the niche, aren`t they?

One more thing I`d like to tell you about 3DGay is this game never gets you bored. The more I play it the more I like this interactive way of realizing my most secret gay sex fantasies. It`s definitely more exciting and teasing than usual gay porn as 3DGay allows you to create your own scenarios and tailor your own boy characters. At the same time 3DGay is different from other 3D sex simulators of the niche due to high quality of animation, large collection of customization options and easy gaming controls. Everything is very well designed inside the game and it doesn`t take much time to master all their functions. Even the beginner who never played 3D sex games before can quickly become a real 3DGay pro.

I recommend all 3D gay sex lovers to join the game and start exploring the delights of wild 3D gay sex right now.