3DKatie review

3DKatie review

Available for: Windows

3DKatie definitely isn`t one of the biggest and most well-known hardcore porn games but it`s anyway one of the hottest and most teasing sex simulators I`ve known so far. Everything is very easy and user-friendly inside. Create your sex partner, get all her holes drilled and grinded as hard as you can and then enjoy the video as many times as you want. The game features multiple customization options to create sexy 3D girls. The process of tailoring your sex partner looks like a kind of exciting foreplay as you select skin color, hair style and color, boobs size and shape, waist size and face. If you like teasing your imagination with all those 3D sex features, 3DKatie is what you really need.

Besides anatomic options you can also select type of sex and positions. Girls inside 3DKatie are good at masturbation, blowjob, anal and vaginal sex and titty-fucking. Almost all possible positions are available here from missionary and doggy to cow girl and standing.

There aren`t too many locations in 3DKatie. It features indoor sex and you can select a bedroom, living room or bathroom for your virtual sex scenes. But frankly speaking I`m quite sure you`ll soon get more indoor sex and of course outdoor locations. I mean updates come regularly allowing you to enjoy something new every month. New customizations, more positions, advanced gaming controls, more characters and of course new locations for your virtual sex games.

3D Katie hot game

You may ask me what is really different in 3DKatie comparing with hundreds of other 3D sex simulators? Everything seems to be the same – creating 3D girls, fucking them and then enjoying wonderful 3D videos. And that`s 100% true! 3DKatie is just like many other virtual sex games where all you have to do is to create your sex partner and have sex with her. The only distinguishing feature here is that 3DKatie is a very high-quality game with great animation, nice sound and user-friendly gaming controls. Even those playing the 3D sex game for the first time will master 3DKatie at once enjoying all gaming options. I wouldn`t say it`s only for the beginners who never saw more complicated and advanced virtual sex simulators. Experienced 3D sex lovers will like 3DKatie too for its dynamism, excitement and realistic-looking design. The girls inside the game look very natural and that`s what I especially like in 3DKatie. Many other 3D adult games just offer perfectly-looking 3D hotties with perfect bodies and typical faces. Here it`s different because 3DKatie focuses more on naturally-looking characters. It seems like you fuck a next-door girl and not one of those ideal 3D super models.

Sex inside 3DKatie is just sex with loud moans and screams. On the screen you`ll see the excitement level of your lover and can control her orgasm making it faster or slower. At the same time you can rotate the virtual camera getting the best angles and watching the process from all possible sides. Another great thing about 3DKatie is that you can act out your sexual fantasies from the first or third person. This nice combination gives a good opportunity to make the process hotter and more exciting.

3DKatie gameplay screenshots

Now the price. As I said above, 3DKatie looks like many other 3D sex games with high-quality graphics and nice sound. The difference you`ll definitely like is the price. For their nice collection of customization options and wonderful animation you`ll just pay 20 bucks per month. If you want to save up you can get a 6-month membership for just $59,95. But I`d recommend you the annual subscription for $91,97 allowing you to save up a good amount enjoying the game with all their updates any time you want. At least I`ve never regretted my annual membership playing 3DKatie almost every day!

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In the end I`d like to say again that 3DKatie isn`t a unique 3D sex game with exceptional idea and complicated scenarios. It`s just a nice virtual sex simulator allowing all amateurs of 3D sex to get what they want in perfect quality for little money. Just get in and realize fabulous 3D sex fantasies in the most realistic way possible on the net.

  1. 3DKatie is my first virtual sex experience. I still enjoy this game when all I need is a quick sex break. I tried some other sex simulators but 3DKatie is # 1 for me with their quality and gaming options. The only thing they could do is to add more upgrades to make it feel newer.

  2. I used to play many 3D sex games like 3DKatie but what I liked here is nice quality and easy controls. Perfect sex simulator for all those crazy about having wild virtual sex any time they want without too complicated storylines.

  3. Super realistic sounds and graphics make it like in real life but you can manage the whole process from making sex characters to the ways you fuck them.

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