Active Dolls review

Active Dolls review

Available for: Windows

Photographers are notorious for hooking up with the beautiful women that model for them. Outside of the money and the glamour, it’s one of the most significant perks of taking pictures of sexy girls for a living. Most of us will never get to experience that lifestyle, but ActiveDolls was designed to help you live that life vicariously through their 3d simulation. I’m about to find out if they managed to achieve their goals.

The game is downloadable, runs offline, and requires only one purchase, as opposed to online-only games that require a monthly subscription or a series of endless microtransactions that bleed your bank account dry. Installation is quick and simple and the system requirements are low enough that almost any computer should be able to handle the graphics. The basic idea is that you’re a photographer and stylist and that you’re responsible for dressing and posing the beautiful models and snapping the pictures you desire.

There are six lovely, exceptionally well-designed models to choose from, and I was pleased to see that the artwork is top notch. One of the great shortcomings of 3d sex games is the developers often skimp on crafting the models because it’s the most difficult part of the process. Because ActiveDolls is limited to six girls they were able to dedicated more resources to making them as flawless-looking as possible. They’ve made an effort to give you variety in the girls, too.

Karmina Bucovina is a Romanian seductress with big breasts, luscious lips, and deep eyes. Inga Heisenberg is the sexy German in the group with a tight waist and long legs. All-American cutie Dakota Wilson has the vivacious sweetness you’d expect from that kind of girl. British babe Jezabel is a sexpot with perky tits and an angular face that gives her a more heightened sexuality than the rest. Australian Maria Dean looks like a classic centerfold with her small waist, wide hips, and big tits. Finally, Japanese model Kaori Yamada adds a touch of Asian flavor to ensure there’s a girl for everyone.

I couldn’t resist cute American babe Dakota Wilson, so she was my model of choice for the first photo shoot. My first step is to take her into the dressing room and create the look of my dreams. The sheer volume of options is incredible. Outside of her body, which has already been designed, I was given control over everything else. I was able to craft her hair, make-up, tattoos and piercings, finger and toe nail polish colors, lipstick, skin tone, and even whether she would be oiled up or look natural in front of my camera. There are too many clothing options to list, but suffice it to say you can dress your model up in any way necessary. Everything is sexy, of course, from tight and slutty dresses to lingerie to bikinis meant to show off her body.

There are two components to the actual gameplay. Though this is a offline adult game, they do follow through on the photographer theme by letting you craft beautiful photo shoots with the girls you’ve meticulously dressed to look as hot as possible. I got to choose the studio setting, ranging from simple stuff like a living room couch to more elegant, complicated looks designed to enhance the beauty of the model while creating a wonderful environment in which to take pictures. It was easy giving the model instructions on how to pose, which articles of clothing to take off, what to do with her hands, etc. I was surprisingly engaged with it and found that I wanted to take the sexiest picture possible. There are numerous lighting options too, all of which can change the mood to make a shot a little bit sexier, more playful, etc. All the pictures I took are stored on my hard drive, and although they’re just digital models in a video game, I’m actually proud of the work I did and will keep the best shots.


That’s the artistic part of the game, but it’s probably less important to most buyers than the naughty, sexy part of the game. I was curious about it too, and after choosing my model and dressing her up, it was easy to get naughty once we were at the shoot. All it takes is a few simple commands and movements of the mouse and her hands are fondling big tits or rubbing her pussy. Best of all, the moans and naughty talk coming from her luscious lips were mind blowing. It’s such a simple thing, but the sound elevates it from a sexual amusement to a truly arousing experience and makes it seem so much more realistic and tantalizing.

The more I played with my lovely model the hotter she would get. I could penetrate her pussy with toys and listen to her moan and orgasm and then go right back at it for another climax. Introducing a second girl to the party doubles the fun as I got to control the action. They wear strapon dildos for fucking and to guide the thrusting with my mouse was astonishingly sexy. When it’s matched by beautiful moans it’s impossible not to get aroused.

ActiveDolls is a well-designed, beautiful 3d sex game that combines two forms of entertainment. I got to play a photographer and stylist that chose my model, dressed her in the sexiest possible outfit, and snapped hot pictures in a multitude of settings. Then, after the shoot, I got to have some naughty fun with her by fucking her with toys and listening to her orgasm. Taking control of lesbian scenes proved even more arousing. They offer a free demo if you want to sample the action and if you’re hooked, it’s a one-time fee to purchase the program and you’ll never be asked to pay again.