Grand Band Auto review

Grand Band Auto review

Available for: Windows

If you are familiar with Grand Theft Auto, the hugely popular video game series, you might know it’s generated tons of controversy over the years. One such controversy centered around the idea that the game lets you fuck a hooker if you’re so inclined. It’s as tame as sex gets since they’re not showing nudity or any particular thrusting, but overly concerned parents that had never played the game sure did get up in arms about it. What if a game existed where you could do much of what Grand Theft Auto offered but also engage in stunningly realistic hardcore sex with the beautiful women that populate the world? It does and it’s called Grand Band Auto.

Grand Band Auto gameplay video

They call it a sex parody game and that’s a fair description. They play on your knowledge of the world of GTA to make you feel like you’re in the game. Only in this version you can have your way with any of the incredible babes you see. The graphics are a hugely important part of that and they’ve clearly spared no expense in creating a high-quality engine in which to depict the depraved acts of pleasure you get to experience. The women are finely crafted, the animations are high quality and it’s an immersive experience that will likely have you wildly aroused as you’re watching and perhaps even stroking along to the action.

In each sex scene you can choose from six angles, giving you total control of how you experience the pleasure. My favorite is the POV option because they do a great job of making me feel like I’m right there as the pretty girl gives me head or bends over so I can slide into her pussy from behind fucking her. You’re not on the sidelines in these sexual encounters either. In fact you’re in total control. You pick which girl you want to fuck, which position you use, and how deep and fast you thrust into her. A virtual sex experience has never been this carefully crafted and beautiful and that’s what makes it so hot.

Gameplay screenshots

They have made an effort to provide girls of every kind for Grand Band Auto, though it would be fair to say you’re going to come across more big-breasted sluts with slim waists and tight asses than any other kind. Those happen to be the ladies that drive guys crazy though so they’re not taking a huge risk with that. You can pick one lovely cartoon babe to bang or make your way through all of them. If you like to watch then select a lesbian scene and enjoy the show as the ladies eat pussy and use their strapons to fuck each other. If you want to fuck a chick up the ass then shove it in there and listen as her moans get louder. They have options for arranging a massive orgy too so you can see all the toon bodies writhing together.

Grand Band Auto review

A great deal of work has been put into the animation system so the scenes look as realistic as possible. If you’ve played a 3D XXX game that featured janky graphics and animations you know how off putting it can be. Flawlessly crafted women don’t make much of a difference if they end up moving like robots. Thankfully, Grand Band Auto the ladies move like real women. When they ride cock, it is fluid and sexy. When they are giving blowjobs it is like a real pornstar giving head, only your cock is the one disappearing into an eager mouth. When they get fucked up the ass they push back on the boner inside them because they want it deeper.

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An often overlooked element to a game like Grand Band Auto is the sound. Good sound design can make a gigantic difference and they’ve done a fantastic job with it here. As a girl gives head you can hear the sound of a cock sliding into her mouth along with slight gagging. The sounds of spit and wetness are prevalent and wicked hot. Listen closely and you can actually hear her wet pussy while you’re fucking the chick. Then there are the moans which are amazing. You know lots of lovely noise is important during a good screw and these ladies know it too. At least, the designers of the game know it.

Whether you’ve played GTA or not, Grand Band Auto is a fun, thrilling, sexy choice for a 3D sex game. They parody the world of gangs, robberies, and fucking and deliver an experience that should convince any fan of interactive porn to cum. You have total control over the action happening in a scene, from where it takes place to how many people to the positions used and the holes fucked. That alone should be enough to get you going and get you off, so join up today and see just how much fun you can have.