Sex Gangsters review

Sex Gangsters review

Available for: Windows

Sex Gangsters is one of the greatest, largest and most captivating cartoon porn game I`ve ever played. I`d been into the game for almost 6 weeks with rather high stats but anyway was a bit concerned about my ability to review this simple but at the same time most intricate game. The problem is that even now with all my experience inside Sex Gangsters I have rather mixed feelings about this interactive sex game. It looks quite easy to play at first but the more you play and get into this complex and dynamic world of sex adventures all over the world, the more you understand there`re still plenty of secrets and blank spots in the game. I said Sex Gangsters seems quite simple at your first steps because it looks a bit like lots of other online quest games – your main goal is to collect girls, update their levels, and make your gang as strong as possible to fight other gangs in the network. Looks really easy, doesn`t it? But when you get a bit more into all their gaming controls and story lines inside Sex Gangsters, you realize your mission isn`t so easy as it seemed before. So before I let you know about what is waiting for you after you sign up, I`d like to say again that there`re lots of things inside Sex Gangsters I can`t understand yet, there`re still lots of sex quests I haven`t got yet and my sex gang isn`t among the strongest in the community.

Sex Gangsters adult flash game review

So let`s start from the beginning. Interface of the game looks a bit heavy and vintage with all their rich colors and large buttons and icons. But at the same time it`s easy to navigate. In fact I must say navigation is rather user-friendly in Sex Gangsters and all their icons look very intuitive. Some hours is enough to get full control over all their gaming options and controls. It`s very important for this kind of online games as you have to manipulate a lot and know well what you do clicking on all those buttons especially when you have to decide fast. To tell you the truth I`m not a skilled gamer and sometimes it`s quite difficult for me to get into games options and controls but with SexGangsters everything was unexpectedly nice and I can say I feel very comfortable now inside this virtual world of sex, buzz, biz and fights.

Sex Gangsters review

Now how to play. The goal of the game, as I told above, is to become sex gang # 1. But the more I play Sex Gangsters the more I understand the real goal of the game isn`t to get through all their quests, fight other gangs and get to the top but just to spend fantastic time in this kinky parallel world. That`s true! It looks like you live another life and can tailor your lifestyle and live through most exciting sex adventures you never have in your real life. You start alone with just 37500 Bucks and some 200 Gold. Bucks and Gold are money in Sex Gangsters. Like in your real life you have to pay for all pleasure and goods there. 1 Gold is 1000 Bucks. How to get money in SexGangsters? You have to do some jobs in all the cities you visit and then complete quests. Or you can buy businesses and make your fortune larger. In London, for example you can run Sex Salon or Fitness Center, in Paris you can invest in Brothel or Café etc. Anyway, the number of Gold and Bucks is shown at the top left of your screen. At the top right side of the screen you can see your other parameters: stamina (red and blue pill), attack power (sword) and defense power (shield). Your powers depend on your group – how you equip your character and your girls. Choose body, clothes and accessories for your male character and then buy items for your girls – clothes, accessories, pets, jewels and cars.

Now how to get girls for your sex gang. Every time you complete a quest in a city you obtain a girl. There`re 11 cities now with some quests in each area. You start in London and Mary, sexy brunette nurse, is your reward for completing quests in a hospital and then a pub. Besides girls from the list you can obtain other girls for money – common girls, rare and epic. Each of them has its own status making your gang stronger and more powerful. On your way through the levels you can strip your girls or have sex with them. Other ways to increase your status is to throw parties in all areas or take part in fights with other gamers. Fighting for collectibles is one of the most thrilling things about Sex Gangsters. I could reveal you some secrets and give you some tips on how to succeed in fights but leave it for you to discover. As I already said, you start in London and this is the only unlocked area in the game. The others cities are locked and you have to complete quests to unlock them.

Some scetches from the game

Well, these are just some of the basic parameters and controls in Sex Gangsters. I said above the game is very intricate and you have to make your brains work hard to level up. That`s why thousands of gamers all over the world like Sex Gangsters and the game promises to become the most popular one soon. Every day new members join this fantastic community making it one of the largest sex games community in the world. But at the same time I`d say Sex Gangsters isn`t one of those online games anybody can play and get to the top. It`s mostly for those gamers crazy about getting over thousands of obstacles and living through wildest virtual adventures on their way to become top sex gangsters on the net.

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  1. Just started SexGangsters. Looks something new I ever played so far. Feel a bit confused with the quests. Hope to get better soon. Like the girls and their way to strip.

  2. Money for start isn`t enough. I`m now in Rio and short of money – will buy bucks. Think they should give more for start – impossible to make any progress. All the rest is ok till now. Good graphics, nice sounds and you never expect what is next. Good for quests fans.

  3. I`m into sex quests for long and can say SexGangsters is the best I`ve played. The game fascinates from the first steps and you wanna play more and more. You can buy bucks and gold for real money but if you invest well you`ll get them inside the game.

  4. Stopped the game coz couldn`t level up. Think they should give more tips how to progress. I like the idea but in some areas it seems too complicated. And I never got into any fight, just spent bucks on my chicks.

  5. I was one of the first to try SexGangsters and still into the game. I liked the storyline and always find new things for me. My gang is now one of the strongest and I can fight anyone on the net.

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