XStoryPlayer review

XStoryPlayer review

Available for: Windows

XStoryPlayer is a singleplayer virtual sex game developed by the famous X Moon Production studio, one of the leaders in 3D erotic games. Just the fact it has been produced by XMP can be a good proof of the original gaming idea and decent quality. XStoryPlayer is a first person virtual sex game featuring a great combination of virtual sex stories and 3D sex simulation. To get in and try how it works you can use their free demo version but I`m sure you`ll get the full version then. The price for unlimited access is just $9 but you`ll get immersed in the kinky world of sexy flirty girls and fabulous sex fantasies in return.

The greatest thing about XStoryPlayer is their artificial intelligence concept. You get in touch with the girl and then chat with her like you do with real people online. Looks very naturalistic and of course exciting. Then you can date the girl and you both decide what you`re going on with. I mean you can control the game but should feel what the girl is willing to do. Looks like in real life but on XStoryPlayer you can save before doing anything and then restart from that point. I liked the way you go through the game and never know what you can expect then. You can`t plan how you pick the girl up and then where you have sex. This veil of secrecy makes the game very exciting and attracts thousands of virtual sex story lovers from all over the world.

At the same time XStoryPlayer offers good customization options allowing you to tailor girls` physics, clothe them and select sex positions and sex accessories. One of the great things inside the game is their fantastic graphics. Girls` physics looks very realistic allowing the gamers to enjoy each curve of their juicy shapes. The same goes for the movements. I really enjoyed the way the girls move and moan as your cock grinds and drills their delicious holes. Unlike many other 3D sex simulators the girls open their mouths as they talk and gesticulate to better express their emotions and opinions. Looks very realistic making you feel inside the game like in the parallel world. Having sex isn`t just realistic here but also very impressive. I mean you can admire and enjoy the process from all angles and distances you want. Just control the cam and see how your cock slides over and there inside slippery twats or mouths and then admire mighty pearly streams of your hot jizz.

On XStoryPlayer you progress through the levels. On each level you can experience rather unexpected things. For example the girl may quit you because you did something wrong. But unlike real life you can save, restart and have another chance.

X Moon Production promises to upgrade the game with more girls, more customizations and more gaming controls. It`s even said they`re now thinking about developing their artificial intelligence to give you more opportunities to realize your sex interests and make the game even more realistic and interactive. If so, I think soon XStoryPlayer will turn into one of the largest virtual 3D sex worlds on the net with millions of fans upgrading the game with their wildest sex fantasies. Just imagine the girls inside XStoryPlayer accumulating sex experience from other 3D sex gamers and then suggesting you incredible ideas of the wildest virtual sex ever!

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Well, I`ll finish my XStoryPlayer review now with just one recommendation. If you like first person 3D sex games, enjoy amazing virtual sex stories and want to try something really fresh in 3D simulation, XStoryPlayer is the way to experience new erotic feelings and spend some unforgettable hours going through most exciting gaming levels ever. I`m sure 9 bucks isn`t too expensive for the kind and amount of content they offer inside the game.