3D Girlz 2 review

3D Girlz 2 review

Available for: Windows

3D Girlz 2 is up in our review today. As any of the xxx porn games offered in the net it has its pros and cons. But what is obvious and well recognized by millions of 3DGirlz2 fans all over the world is that this is one of the most realistic virtual sex simulators available on the market of 3D adult games. Starting from 100% realistic-looking characters and sex positions to perfect graphics and sound, the game allows all amateurs of virtual sex to create and act out their most secret sexual fantasies.

When you first get in, 3D Girlz 2 may seem a bit simplistic and even boring. But that`s just the first impression that will soon disappear giving way to extreme excitement and unlimited desire to get more and more of these fabulous 3D sex adventures.

As I told above, the greatest thing about 3D Girlz 2 is the highest quality of their animation. It looks really impressive. The surrounding sceneries, characters and their movement look so realistic, you just forget it`s 3D simulation. But as you can understand perfect quality is just one of the key features of any 3D virtual sex simulators. Another wonderful thing about 3D Girlz 2 that makes it one of the most popular 3D games is a wild range of customizations. You start with choosing the scenario of your sex fantasy. Now 3DGirlz2 contains 4 of them: single girl, girl-on-girl action, guy and girl and finally threesome. The number of scenarios is just a matter of time as the game gets updated on a monthly basis bringing new scenarios, characters, sex positions and more customization options.

Then locations. Depending on your sex fantasies you can choose a remote island, medieval castle, luxurious hotel, sandy beach or any other place from their large collection of locations.

3d girlz 2 features

Tailoring characters is what I like most of all and 3D Girlz 2 is a real paradise for my most perverted fantasies. First think about ethnicity of your character or characters (depending on the scenario). Inside the game you`ll find ebony, asian, latina and of course white chicks. The other customizations helping you create your characters are eyes and hair color, hair style, breasts size for female and penis size for male characters. Their collection also contains various accessories like sexy underwear, glasses, dildos, bananas and even some fetish piercing.

Not too much? Well, from one side we can`t say 3D Girlz 2 customization collection is one of the largest, especially comparing with such popular xxx porn games as 3D Sex Villa or Pink Visual Sex Simulator but here I`d like to stress once again that 3D Girlz 2 focuses more on the action than on customization process. That`s why all the characters inside the game are perfect by default and don`t really require much work to be done to start. All the girls are appetizing and look very naturalistic. Just some touches is enough to get what you really need to realize your sweetest sex dreams.

Now the controls. You can choose automatic mode (I call it “hands-free” mode) and just enjoy the process. But if you like to control the action making it faster or slower, you can use your mouse. On the screen you`ll see a scale (the number of scales depends on the number of characters involved in the scenario) indicating your partner`s level of orgasm. During the action you can also change sex positions. 3D Girlz 2 collection contains all basic sex positions like cow girl, doggy style, missionary, and of course various types of intercourses like blowjob, titty-fucking, masturbation, dildoing and sybian fucking. Unlike many other 3D sex games when you switch the positions in 3D Girlz 2, it happens in the real way like it happens in real life and not just showing another scene with a new position. Each position has its specific sounds and moans what make the process even more realistic and exciting.


In conclusion of my 3D Girlz 2 review I`d like to say that the game is equally good for experienced 3D sex simulation amateurs and all those starting exploring the world of kinky virtual sex games. Decent interface, easy gaming controls and nice quality of graphics and sound guarantee hours of pleasure and excitement to all fans of 3D sex adventures.