Cherry Dolls review

Cherry Dolls review

Available for: Windows

CherryDolls is a 3D interactive sex simulator featuring quick virtual sex any time you want. It`s a singleplayer sex game with a set of easy gaming controls and decent quality of sounds and graphics allowing you to enjoy your instant sex breaks. CherryDolls isn`t one of the games with complicated customizations, long foreplays, sex shops, sex coins and many other gaming options like adjusting characters` shapes, breast size, skin colors etc. All you need is just to pick up the girl, choose the place and fuck this naked hottie as hard as you can. Looks like a porn movie but you have to answer 3 simple questions: who? where? and how? I mean you choose your sex partner, decide where to fuck and how to fuck. The rest is even easier – you enjoy your cybersex and control the cam. For all those looking for quick virtual sex CherryDolls is one of the best and most popular 3D sex sims.

Now let`s have a look at what they have inside the game. The interface is very easy and intuitive. After you download CherryDolls on your pc you have to choose the girl. Now they offer 3 sexy chicks – pretty blonde, sexy brunette and fiery redhead. Not too many of course, but they promise to add some more dolls soon. Another option inside CherryDolls is you can quickly adopt one of the 3 avatars for you – white, black or latin guy. You can say the game is too simplistic and the menu is poor but I say once again: CherryDolls is just a 3D sex simulator designed for quick sex experience and not for intricate sex adventures.

The greatest thing about the game now is the girls look damn hot and naturalistic. In fact they did good job in terms of quality. Everything on CherryDolls is very realistic and in premium quality from girls and surroundings to sound effects, natural-looking movements and decent graphics.

Now let`s choose the place where you can drill the girl you just picked up. You won`t need to much time as they just have 3 locations to choose from. There`re outdoor and indoor places now but I believe it`s just a matter of time and soon CherryDolls will have more sex environments.

Now sex. Just decide the position and press “start”! You can fuck doggy style, cowgirl, 69, have unforgettable blowjob – there`re 6 positions inside CherryDolls. There`re no girl-on-girl scenes or wild threesomes but they`re planning to update their sex collection with new positions soon. 2 independent orgasmometers will show the levels of your sexual excitement. You can change the pace during fucking process and also have complete control over the cam. Using rotation and zoom options you can admire the process from all possible angles and enjoy the most breathtaking close-ups. As I said above sound effects are nice on CherryDolls – you`ll enjoy moans, slurps and giggles making the game even more realistic.

Cuming. Up to you to decide how you like it. The game allows you to cum on girl`s face, wash her bouncing tits with your pearly jizz or fill her pussy or mouth. Cuming looks very realistic and impressive too.

Cherry Dolls review

In fact this is all about CherryDolls and what you can expect inside the game. Just one more thing to add to this review is the price. The game costs $19,95 and this is a very good price for this kind of 3D cybersex. Sure, if you like more complex interactive games with lots of customizations, gaming controls and other sex options, CherryDolls isn`t your choice. But if you`re looking for a good sex simulator where you can fuck what you see right now there isn`t any better place for you than this 3D virtual game. All you need on CherryDolls is just to download the game and make your cock work hard until the girls inside get their slippery twats drilled and grinded and their tits and faces all covered with your smoking cum.